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As manufacturing challenges mount—from a shifting labor force to surging domestic demand —solutions are scarce.
Glassdome Manufacturing Operations is your comprehensive and cost-effective manufacturing operations software.
Our plug-and-play hardware integrates effortlessly with ERP systems, offering AI-powered insights in real-time. And with a simple subscription model, get started without a hefty capital investment.


  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Plug-and-Play Hardware

    Start collecting real-time plant data instantly
    with our hassle-free,
    plug-and-play hardware.
    No complex setups, no headaches.

  • Glassdome Glassdome
    AI-Powered Reporting

    Turn data into action. Our AI-powered reporting
    capabilities deliver
    insights fast,
    helping you make more informed decisions.

  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Seamless ERP Integration

    Integrate effortlessly with existing ERP systems
    for a unified view of
    your operations.
    Real-time data exchange has never been easier.

  • Glassdome Glassdome
    Subscription-Based Pricing

    Implement a cutting-edge manufacturing
    operations solution without
    breaking the bank,
    thanks to our transparent and affordable
    subscription model.