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Glassdome selected as organizer of new Global Battery Alliance Digital Battery Passport Pilot

By John Wright

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Consortium of 13 companies, including Samsung SDI, SKIET, EcoPro, Lotte Infracell, and SK C&C, formed to respond to EU Battery Directive

Pilot project launched in May 2024 to establish systems, inspect companies’ regulatory response processes, and prepare for 2027 implementation of digital battery passport requirements

Vancouver, Wash., and Seoul, South Korea: Glassdome, a leading sustainability platform for manufacturers, was selected by the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) to organize a new Digital Battery Passport pilot project. The choice was revealed in an announcement on May 21, 2024. Glassdome has formed a consortium of 13 companies, including Samsung SDI, SK IE Technology (SKIET), EcoPro, and Lotte Infracell, and will lead a pilot program designed to preemptively respond to upcoming EU Battery Directive Digital Battery Passport requirements.

The Digital Battery Passport is a system that tracks, manages, and provides access to full lifecycle and sustainability data for EV and industrial batteries over 2kWh distributed in the EU. The EU Battery Directive requires its implementation by February 2027. To comply, battery manufacturers and suppliers need to collect and manage key data like their product carbon footprint (PCF), percentage of recycled materials, and country of origin.

The Glassdome platform helps companies report their PCF using real data. Carbon compliance and global environmental regulatory reporting are often a complex, time consuming process. Glassdome makes sustainability simple for manufacturers by guiding them from data collection to monitoring to ongoing reporting.

This year, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) named Glassdome as the first ISO 14067 verified real data PCF platform. When a company measures and reports their PCF through Glassdome, its results already comply with ISO 14067 standards, shortening the verification period by weeks and cutting costs.

The GBA was established at the World Economic Forum in 2017 through cooperation between battery producers, mining and energy companies, and government agencies. The Digital Battery Passport initiative helps it achieve its goal of a carbon neutral battery value chain by 2050.

The GBA pilot project led by Glassdome will derive accurate real-data-based PCFs across the entire battery manufacturing lifecycle. It will also implement a secure data management system that helps manufacturers and partners share only their relevant PCF data, and only with those who need to know it.

The full consortium consists of:

Jinki Ham, CEO of Glassdome Korea, remarked, “As we transition from a linear to a circular economy, the global market needs environmental impact data. Sustainability regulation is changing the disclosure of information like recycling rates and product carbon footprint from a nice-to-have to a must-have.”

He continued, “Glassdome is a world leader in carbon regulation solutions. We’re dedicating ourselves to helping our manufacturing clients, large and small, continue to export to customers in Europe and anywhere else carbon regulation emerges.”

Lee Jeong-hoon, head of the SK C&C Net Zero Platform Business Team added, “Digital and ESG expertise based on LCA foundations is essential in tracking carbon data in the battery value chain. By combining that expertise with generative AI technology, we will go beyond simple data tracking and make our customers more competitive by helping them reduce their carbon footprints.”

Under Glassdome’s leadership, a total of 13 battery value chain companies from Korea, the U.S., and Australia will form the GBA consortium and promote the ‘Digital Battery Passport’ pilot project from May 2024.

About Glassdome: Glassdome is an industrial software company dedicated to making sustainability and operations clear and simple for manufacturers. The company was founded in the innovative heart of San Francisco in 2019. Roots in Silicon Valley and Korea connect a tech-savvy spirit with powerful industrial expertise. The Glassdome platform is uniquely positioned to serve manufacturers that want to improve efficiency and meet and exceed green regulation requirements, all in one platform.

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