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Glassdome Completes the ISO 14067 International Standard Verification for Product Carbon Footprint Assessment from LRQA

By Glassdome

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• LRQA verified that Glassdome complies with ISO 14067, the international standard for calculating and reporting product carbon footprints (PCFs).

• Glassdome developed its PCF solution in accordance with the ISO 14067 standard from the outset. The Glassdome solution streamlines third-party verification, saving time and money.

• EU CBAM regulation will require third-party verification by an accredited institution for carbon emissions reporting. From 2026, verification will be mandatory to export items like steel and aluminum to the EU.

Vancouver, Wash.: On March 25th, 2024, Glassdome, a manufacturing operations and sustainability platform provider, announced that it has completed the ISO 14067 international standard verification for product carbon footprint assessment from LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance), a leading global assurance partner.  

LRQA is an internationally accredited certification body and is recognized by the EU as an EU Emissions Trading System verifier. It also plans to be registered as one of the first accredited verifiers for the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). LRQA reviews CBAM reports, which are required to export items such as steel and aluminum to the EU, and assesses compliance with international standards. The company currently conducts international standard certification and verification in more than 160 countries.  

ISO 14067 is the most prestigious international standard for PCF. It is based on the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which define the methodology for calculating and reporting carbon footprints. ISO 14067 verification means that the product carbon footprint, (carbon emitted throughout the entire lifecycle of a product) is measured and reported in compliance with the principles, requirements, and guidelines demanded by the international community. 

Glassdome developed its product carbon footprint solution in accordance with ISO 14067 standards from the outset. This verification recognizes that both the method of calculating the product carbon footprint and the reports by the Glassdome solution are up to the highest international standards.

This proactive response to global environmental regulations like EU CBAM and the Digital Battery Passport means Glassdome customers will enjoy a far simpler third-party CBAM verification process. Carbon emissions measured and reported through Glassdome will automatically be ISO 14067 compliant, cutting time, cost, and red tape.

EU CBAM mandates that exporters of products like steel and aluminum to the EU must report carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing process to properly price their carbon tax. In the current transition period, measuring and reporting emissions will be required by  2025. Once CBAM is fully implemented in 2026, third-party verification of those reports by accredited bodies will be required. 

Third-party verification can vary widely in time from three weeks to three months, and costs can be considerable. That makes a streamlined all-in-one solution like Glassdome an appealing solution for manufacturers.

Glassdome technology helps customers use real data to manage the life cycle of their products’ carbon footprints. Its all-in-one PCF solution supports the entire process from manufacturing data collection to monitoring and reporting, enabling compliance with environmental regulations.

Many competitors use default data from publicly available databases. Glassdome uses accurate measured data, significantly decreasing  the risk of default values inflating carbon emissions and resulting in penalties or failure to get reports certified. To protect the sensitive information of manufacturing partners, the Glassdome platform analyses collected data in real time, converts it into carbon emissions values, and only transmits that data. 

Lee Il-Hyung, Head of LRQA Korea, stated, "In an era when managing a company's carbon emissions for ESG management is an unstoppable global trend, Glassdome is leading the market by quickly introducing a product carbon footprint solution. Acquiring this ISO international standard verification will serve as an opportunity to internally and externally promote its technological competitiveness." 

Simon Kim, CEO of Glassdome, added, "The Glassdome product carbon footprint solution significantly reduces the time and cost of the third-party verification required to export to the EU. We support companies exporting to Europe by providing accurate global carbon emission calculations and fast and reliable third-party verification, helping them secure and maintain a competitive edge in sustainability."


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